Media Production

SkyOps works with some of the best Adventure AirSports camera men, photographers and film makers in the world. Having worked on a variety of different projects we are capable of producing the highest quality Media content. To discover more contact us.

Previous Media Production Projects

  • The SkyOps Media Team, led by Jake Holland and Alex Ledger, worked together to produce the Top Tips and What to Expect series on the SkySchool YouTube Channel. They have also collaborated together on other filming projects, most recently teaching Explorer and Author Levison Wood how to fly.

  • In 2017 the Welsh Tourist Board commissioned the BBC to produce a television series called Extreme Wales with Richard Parks, designed to showcase Wales as an Adventure Sports destination. Jake Holland flew in tandem with Alex Ledger and captured the stunning aerial shots.
  • In 2014 SkyOps CEO Alex founded Flying for Heroes as part of a capability development project designed to teach wounded, injured and sick Military Personnel how to fly ParaTrikes. Having proven this capability he then led them on an expedition flying up the Rift Valley while capturing all of the aerial footage.
  • In 2009 the founder of Parajet, Gilo Cardozo, developed a flying car. In order to put the car through its paces it was taken on an expedition from London to Timbuktu and Alex Ledger was commissioned to instruct the chief pilot on his first solo flight and also capture the aerial shots, all of which featured in the Channel 4 series Daredevils.

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