SkyOps uses and distributes the best Paramotors, ParaTrikes, Paragliders and Accessories on the market. During every course our team of highly experienced instructors provide advice on the right equipment for each individual, we therefore suggest you Fly before you Buy! However, if you are already a pilot or simply want to discover what would be suitable for you and the discounts on offer contact us.

When buying your Paramotoring Equipment through SkyOps we provide the following:

  • The best Equipment at prices you won't find elsewhere
  • Discounts on Equipment Packages before and after training
  • Assistance with running in your Paramotor free of charge
  • Discounts on our Paramotor Courses and SkyWeek Trips


Parajet produces a wide range of Paramotors that suit all types of pilot. All Parajet Paramotors are fitted with low hang point harnesses, making them exceptionally safe, comfortable and easy to fly whilst allowing the pilot to use weight shift and be as dynamic as they want. The Maverick, V3 and Zenith models are the latest in Paramotor design and can be fitted with a variety of different engines. In the school we use the Parajet V3 fitted with the Vittorazi Moster 185+. This combination is ideal for Pilots weighing between 75kgs and 120kgs. For lightweight pilots we recommend the Parajet Maverick with the Vittorazi Atom 80. For further information contact us.

Fly Products

SkyOps is an official dealer for Fly Products who produce a wide range of Paramotors and ParaTrikes. Fly Products are based near Ancona, Italy and use the Vittorazi range of engines in their Paramotors. They also produce series of ParaTrikes, ranging from the lightweight Foxy and Flash ParaTrikes, up to the heavy duty Eco 2 and Luna ParaTrikes designed for commercial Tandem centres. For further information about the Fly Products range of equipment and also how we help set up commercial Tandem centres contact us.


Ozone's Roadster 3, available through SkySchool

Ozone are renowned for their high quality and attention to detail. SkySchool uses the Ozone Spark in the school and recommends the Ozone Roadster 3 to students who have completed their training. The Roadster 3, with it's semi reflex shark nose technology, is very easy to launch and land, extremely stable in flight and has a good speed range, making it the ideal wing for beginners and intermediates. For further information contact us.


SkyOps distributes a variety of accessories including Microavionics and Icaro helmets with integrated headsets, Gin reserves, Ozone harnesses and a wide range of other paramotoring accessories. For further information about the accessories we distribute contact us.

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